Looking Back

I mentioned my ‘hobbit house’…

I don’t always think of dirt. I am often quite attracted to the tchotchkies and doo-dads that garden centers often supply the wandering customer.  There is no escaping it on the internet either.  After hearing my daughter talk of taking scavanged materials from nature walks and building a fairy house or a pavilion, I cheated: I did a search for anyone on line who might have come up with these charming little houses to sell to lazy people like me. We have a wooded area behind our house, but seldom does it carry any of the requisite items for a truly thoughtful fairy house.  Mostly noxious weeds and sticks.  No nice mosses, or unusual shaped leaves, or nutshells.  I do believe in Providence – this search led me to something far more unique than trying to balance odd shaped sticks with only materials fit for The Folk – a hobbit house, one that I could position in an advantageous part of the garden, cover with dirt and plants and pretend that Bilbo Baggins was overseeing my selections for the garden.

Hobbit House - 2010

If he ever lived there, I’ll never know.  There was an Unfortunate Event with a local armadillo, who was dubbed Smaug because of the devastation wreaked upon the quiet little home.  But that’s a tale for another time.

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One Response to Looking Back

  1. Gina says:

    Found you via Big Hollywood. Nice blog. I love the Hobbit House! 🙂

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