When Spring Fever Hits

I go nuts. I really do.  My mantra becomes “Must. Get. Dirt.” and even though I SWEAR to my poor beleagured husband that I will ONLY ever get dirt when I leave for the local nursery, I end up grabbing up several herbs or plants that call to me the minute I arrive.  I mean how often does a nursery have Green Lime Thyme?  Or Tea Hyssop? or that really cute miniature plant that will go perfectly in front  of my hobbit house (picture forthcoming)?  Never is our pocketbook more in danger than when I start to sniff the air sometime in February, or spend hours highlighting something on practically every page of the seed catalogues that inundate our mail box.

And it’s a given in my family now that the standard response to anyone who wants to know what I want for my birthday is simply “dirt.” Loamy earth is precious in an area that is known for its ‘black gumbo’ and filler for subdivision lots.

I also have  a favorite saying : “if it doesnt involve dirt, I’m not interested.” Usually, that is more a reference to my love of archaeology rather than my garden proclivities, but its really all the same.  I even found a way to combine the two one time: after spending hours sifting the dirt that the diggers brought from their pit, I noted that the excess dirt was getting hauled off to an out of the way corner of the site.  Shamelessly, I begged to be allowed some of it to take home – the excavation wasn’t going to be filled back in because of future landscaping plans, so why not?

Anyway, this endeavor is largely because of a conversation with a Dutch friend of mine, on a totally unrelated inspiration.  Well, I say unrelated – we can get pretty imaginative when it comes to discussing our favorite nautical books by Patrick O’Brian.  Something about garden art in the form of a Royal Navy sea captain…but I plan for this to be a family blog, so I’ll stop here.  At any rate, words flung about were “dirty!” (what else is a gardener?) and “tart” and so I declared I would start a new blog. I havent done one of these in a while, and I am always of the need to write something.  Am also thinking if I do this blog, it will compel me to be more persistent in my gardening, as June/July/August in Texas has a way of persuading even a native Texan that there are more worthwhile endeavors to be pursued in the cool comfort of air conditioning.  By the time one returns to the welcome of a cool evening in the garden, the weeds are like a jungle unto itself, and all the backbreaking work of the spring was for naught.  So you shrug and think “I’ll wait til February when I get spring fever again.”

So right now, my thoughts on the purpose of the blog are that 1) chronicle my progress in knocking into shape the abandoned vegetable plots and the entangled herb beds and perhaps even show recipes that use the products of my garden and 2) I can write about things that I love to research and learn about gardening…which includes the meals that one can make.  I am not a great foodie: I tend to lose patience with cooking if I am not familiar with the recipe, and as my husband and child have a tendency to run away whenever I get the mind to try something new (read=Mom’s been messing around with the herbs again) – so this blog will be less about gourmand recipes, more about whatever about the plants or recipes that strike me as interesting.

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