“From dangers untold and hardships unnumbered…”

…we’ve made it through the labyrinth that was acquiring our dream home and property.

Leona House 1

I’m one of those Aries people. You know the kind: impatient, direct, uninhibited, aggressive assertive, opinionated independent, lets just get things DONE and get the ball moving…so on and so forth… so going through the fire that was the process of bank loans, bank credit, bank approval, appraisals, paperwork, federal bureaucracy (curse Doddsesses and Franksesses, we hates them forever!), and closing, was a real trial. People would ask “are you done….” and I’d launch into a vent. Hubby was far more circumspect…most of the time…and Mom was “it’ll happen, I just know it.” But having to wait for months….MONTHS…to start something new was real torture. That’s what I DO: start new projects. I’m a master at it. And when I get the idea to START, I want to start NOW. After all of the breakdowns and upheavals of the last year and a half, I felt I had gotten the Message from You Know Who loud and clear: time to move into a new era for your life. I was all : ok, God. I Am Ready! LET’S GO!

Wait…wut?! Oh…maaaaaaan.

But I’m still goin’ with the Wisdom of the Ages here – despite the fact that we finally closed so late in the spring season (well, spring for Texas at any rate), thereby ruining any chance I might have had at starting a small vegetable garden and bring in my first crop of watermelon and purple hull peas.  The delay is actually still a sign that I’m still not quite “there” yet. There’s a lot to be done, namely restoring quite a bit to the farmhouse and repairing any neglected areas, as well as prepping our current home for sale. There’s the business of sending off my baby bird to school, her first foray into a life away from our home…and there’s still just the general business of watching and waiting to see where *I* will land once all business is taken care of. Will I get a job? Will I acclimate well to our new place? I can barely manage a large backyard – what the hay am I going to do with 20 acres? Will I be able to integrate into a small town? I have memories of growing up in a small town –  so I’m thinking it won’t be entirely unfamiliar – but I have been living in the urbanization of the area of the last 20 years, and things are quite a bit different now.

These ARE all things I’m having to deal with, whether or not I want to. I’d really rather play in the dirt, but that’s life. And the Wisdom of the Ages apparently has all my priorities lined up for me, so I guess I gotta trust in that before I can even think about getting a crop going.

Still, its finally here, the big ball I want to start pushing. And its already begun: Chief has already spent a Saturday to begin the process, and it has started with the most basic step for transformation: paint.


I’ll try to post updates on our progress. I have such plans for that front yard! From the front porch we will be moving backwards to the back of the house, which will get progressively trickier, as there will have to be some structural considerations to deal with. I still cling to the hope, however that among all this DIY reno, I will still be able to set up a plot and enjoy the fruits later on this year.


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3 Responses to “From dangers untold and hardships unnumbered…”

  1. Cindy, MCOK says:

    Felicitations upon the acquisition! May your first spring be a joyful and productive one 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my corner of Katy. If you need any plants for your garden, I have a gracious plenty and then some to share!

  2. billyriel1971 says:

    Thanks for the recent visit to my Western genre site….much appreciated. You have some interesting and varied content on your site here!
    All the best,

  3. Congrats, I share your frustration at the slow process when it comes to houses. One would think if all the pegs fell in the right holes, it’d be a quick process but unfortunately, it’s not. Happy dreams in your new home!!

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